Speakers Detail

Speakers Detail :

Dr. Savita Suhas Mehendale

Dr. Mrs. Savita Suhas Mehendale

Professor  Emeritus, Dept of OBS & GYN. Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College, Pune

Education: MD – Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra-1969, India.

                  DGO – College of physicians & surgeons, Mumbai-1968.


  1. Best Teacher Award – Pune Pratishthan , 1989
  2. Best Teacher Award – Bharati Vidyapeeth University , Pune,  2004
  3. Best Teacher Award – Lions club , Pune , 2006
  4. Best Teacher Award –  Rotary Club , Pune , 2006
  5. “GuruRuna- Best Teacher Award”  – Marathwada Association of Obst & Gyn , 2007
  6. Award for “Exemplary Contribution for Women’s Health” on Women’s Day – 8th March 2009
  7. Award for”Lifetime achievement in field of obst &gyn by IMA-1ST June-Doctor’s day-2012
  8. Award for “Outstanding contribution towards medical education & Maternal Health”-August-2012

Other educational experiences:

            Training in: 

  1. Training Course in Hospital management, Govt. of Maharashtra -1982
  2. Teachers training course, JIPMER, Pondicherry – National Course on Educational Science for teachers of health professional , 1985
  3. WHO Assisted state level workshop on strengthening of family welfare training in  Medical colleges – 1988
  4. Trained in Laparoscopy, Mumbai-1994
  5. Training in Foetal Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi-2009


48years of teaching and practicing experience Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Worked in different Govt Medical colleges in Maharashtra since 1968 onwards.

 Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical college, 1991onwards till today

Co- Guide for PhD candidate, Pune University – 1994, 95, 96

Guide for over 100 students of MS, and DGO.

Additional –   Research – Principal Investigator in various research projects-

  1. Role Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Prevention Of PIH
  2. Homocystiene as a causative factor in PIH
  3. Study of Genetic Susceptibility to neural tube defects  and it’s association with Maternal Vitamin B12 & Folate status
  4. Study of fatty acid profile , oxidative stress & antioxidants in oligospermic males                                  
  5. Role of Vascular endolthelial  growth factor , Vit B12 , Folic Acid & Homocystiene in term pregnancy , preterm delivery &  PIH
  6. Effect of maternal micronutrients ( Folic acid , B12 & essential polyunsaturated fatty acids ) on global methylation patterns in preterm labour
  7. Comparison of plasma & placental proteomic patterns in normal   pregnancy & PIH

            Publications: International Journal: 18


Affiliation to Committees & Societies:

President  of Pune Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society, Pune 2014-15

                        Life member, Institute of Nutrition Hyderabad

                        Life member, ISOPAR- Indian Society of Perinatology & Reproductive Biology

                        Life member. SHAKTI, National Movement for women, Vijay Bharati.

                        Life member, Indian Society for the study of Reproduction & Fertility

                         Life member, Indian Menopause society



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