Speakers Detail

Speakers Detail :

Dr Divyesh V Shukla

BIO-DATA Name –Dr. Divyesh V. Shukla Date of birth—14.3.64 Educational qualifications—MBBS. MD. Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1991. Diploma in advance gynaecological endoscopic surgeries, University of Kiel, Kiel, Germany 2000. Current Position— Director ISHA Hospital, (FOGSI recognized & Karl Storz supported training center in Gynaecological endoscopy)

Teaching Experience— 1. Fourth year resident. (Jan-Dec 1991) 2. Assistant Professor – P.S . Medical College , Karamsad.( 1.1.92-30.8.93 ) 3. Assistant Professor—Government Medical College , Surat. (1.9.93 –19.10.95 ) 4. Assistant Professor—Medical College Baroda, Baroda. ( 20.10.95-13.9.03 ) 5. Hon Associate Professor & Consultant Gynaecological endoscopic surgeon, P. S. Medical College, Karamsad. ( From 1.1.04 to 31.12.2007 )

Scientific papers presented at state & national conferences. 1. Analysis of stillbirth in breech. 2. Prognosis of pregnancy after threatened abortion. 3. Reasons of termination of pregnancy negligence or failure of contraception. 4. Choice of instrumental delivery in the year 2000. 5. Experience of 48 consecutive vaginal hysterectomies done for indications other than prolapse. 6. Non-closure of visceral peritoneum at cesarean section and study of short-term morbidity. 7. Trans vaginal sonographic assessment of vaginal vault following hysterectomy. 8. Pulmonary tuberculosis in pregnancy. 9. Study of viral hepatitis in pregnancy. 10. Second trimester medical termination of pregnancy using extra-amniotic povidone iodine & ethacridine lactate- a comparative study. 11. Fetomaternal morbidity profile following CS in obstructed labour. 12. Obstructed labour – Why in 1990’s? 13. Early discharge from hospital after vaginal hysterectomy in geriaritic patients. 14. Amniotomy in spontaneous labour at term. 15. Successful treatment of vault prolapse by vaginal approach using sacrospinous fixation. 16. Adolescent’s menstrual patterns- perception & practices. 17. Retained placenta- 11 years study. 18. A visual impression of endometriotic lesions on laparoscopy.

List of publications. 1. Retained placenta- 11 years study. J of O & G India Vol 39 no 3, 1989 2. Post partum sepsis- Gujarat medical Journal 1995 3. Partial exchange transfusion – A forgotten aspect of critical care- (Indian J of O & G Vol 51 no 6 nov-dec 2001) 4. Effect of maternal anaemia on fetus. FOGSI FOCUS titled Conquering anaemia. 2002. 5. Accuracy of laparoscopic diagnosis of endometriosis. Journal of the society of laparoendoscopic surgeons. JSLS ( 2003) 7, 15-18 6. Authored Chapter on “Teenage Pregnancy”. FOGSI publication by Adolescent committee of FOGSI. 2003 7. “Maternal position in labour” FOGSI FOCUS On theme of labour 2005 8. Reducing complications in Laparoscopic surgery. Chapter contributed in Recent Advances in obstetrics & Gynaecology Jan 2007 Published by J P Brothers 9. Laparoscopic management of T-O abscess, Case report published in The Trocar, ISGE journal July 2010 10. Articles in local news papers.

Trainings obtained. 1. Ultrasonography ( Wadia Maternity Mumbai & Ian Donald Diploma course at Jaipur,) includes interventional USG. 2. Gynaecological endoscopy 3. Colposcopy 4. Attended National course on educational science technology for teachers of health professionals at PGI Chandigarh ,Sept 98 5. Attended Clinical trial methodology training course conducted by Indo-US contraceptive & reproductive health initiatives at Institute for research in reproduction, Mumbai.( Mumbai oct-nov 99) 6. Diploma in advanced gynaecological endoscopy , University of Kiel , Germany . Sept –Nov 2000. 7. Ian Donald Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ultrasonography. 8. Fetal echo cardiography


Guest lectures— 1. “Breast feeding promotion, an obstetrician’s view”. Lactation management –an orientation workshop, organized by Dept. of Paediatrics & National Task Force, Baroda. 29.9.96 2. “Safe motherhood, intervention, current status & revised strategy- Role of medical officers”. As a part of training to medical officers by Divisional Training center, dist. Baroda.23.10.97 3. “Lactation Management”. Bharuch OB/GYN society. Bharuch.10.8.97 4. “Partogram in labour monitoring”. Workshop on labour management at Gujarat State Conference.Himmatnagar 16.10.97 5. “Options in suture materials”. SOGOG update in wound closure techniques & hospital infections. Jamnagar. 31.8.97 6. “Contraceptive implants verses injectables”. 23rd Gujarat State Conference, Surat.10.10.98 7. Panelist in panel discussion on MTP at RCH workshop at Bharuch. 13.12.98 8. “Prostaglandin’s in obstetrics”. Medical association & forum of gynaecologists of Panchmahal. Godhra. 15.3.98 9. “Post mature baby”. Workshop on morden management of labour organized by Dr. R.M.Nadkarni medical education & research trust. Ahmedabad.13.6.99 10. “Recent advances in operative obstetrics”. Surat OB/GYN society. Surat. 13.7.99 11. “Recent advances in temporary contraceptives”. Bharuch OB/GYN society. June 99. 12. “Contraception”, & “Reproductive tract infection”. Workshop on RCH, Organized by Rural Committee of FOGSI at Surat.20.8.200 13. “Say bye to TORCH evaluation in RSA”. ISOPARB, Banglore 2000. 13.2.200 14. “Menopause & estrogen withdrawal symptoms”. Baroda OB/GYN society.10.5.2000 15. Conducted west zone FOGSI J & J Quiz on High-risk pregnancy. 3.9.2000 16. “Safety of internet for kids”. Annual Meet Baroda OB/GyN society. 3.3.2000 17. “Nutrition in pregnancy”. IMA Khambhat. July 2001 18. “Management of unilocular ovarian cyst >7 cm by laparoscopy”. ICOG CME. Baroda OB/GYN society.6.11.2001 19. “Drug therapy for leucorrhoea”. SOGOG meet at Bharuch. Bharuch OB/GYN society.16.6.2001 20. “Important forgotten viral infection in pregnancy”. IMA Halol. 12.4.2001 21. ‘New modalities in management of PPH”. Paschim Yuva FOGSI Goa.9.9.2001 22. “IUCD”. Family welfare workshop. IMA Dabhoi. 15.5.2002 23. PMS in adolescents, West Zone YUVA FOGSI , Baroda Oct 2002 24. Rational use of drugs in pregnancy & lactation. IMA Vadodara 22.1.03. 25. Incidental infections upgrading the risk. World conference on population stabilization, Surat . 1.2.2003. 26. Ovarian volume estimation in adolescent girls with menstrual disorders.AICOG 2003, Banglore. 8.1.03 27. Guest lecture on “Diagnosis of Endometriosis” at Melbourne IVF endoscopy surgery workshop , Ahmedabad.may 03 28. Guest lecture on “Rational use of progesterone in pregnancy” Surat O & G society may 2004 29. Panel discussion on Endometriosis in “Infertility Today” at Vapi 31.1.03 30. Chaired a Scientific session at ISAR jodhpur 14.2.04 31. Conducted hysteroscopy workshop ( interaction ) organized by BOGS 1.3.04 32. Conducted Quiz in adolescent committee workshop at AICOG Agra 6.1.04 33. Guest lecture in IAGE 2004 at Mumbai.on the topic of “Global ablation Techniques for menorrhagia” 34. Guest lecture in Endovision 2004 at Ahmedabad on 27.8.04 on Avoiding Complications during hysteroscopic surgeries” 35. Guest lecture at Bharuch O & G society on “Management of hirsutism in adolescent girls” 8.8.2004 36. Guest lecture at Kutch SOGOG, Laparoscopic treatment of paraovarian cyst in adolescent girls.11.12.04 37. Guest lecture at AICOG 2005 Aurangabad, Early detection of intrapartum asphyxia.8.1.2005. 38. Chaired session on 7.1.05 at AICOG 2005. ( Color Doppler ) 39. Panel discussion on Infertility on 5.1.05 in Infertility Update meet organized by AOGS at Mount Abu. 40. Laparoscopic surgery in pregnancy, BOGS Annual Meet March 2005 41. Laparoscopic management of post hysterectomy adnexal mass, IAGE 2005 Chennai 16.4.05 42. Conducted labour workshop at Ratlam , Ratlam Ob / Gyn Society July 2005 43. Guest lecture Vapi Ob / Gyn society Current concepts in PIH , 28.8.05 44. Guest Lecture In FOGSI west zone conference on Labour & Delivery on Fetal implications Prolonged 1st stage of labour. 10.9.05 45. Participated in Endoscopy surgery Workshop at SOGOG 2005 at Jamnagar , Laparoscopic management of post hysterectomy adnexal mass 30.9.05 46. Guest lecture SOGOG 2005, Jamnagar conference Laparoscopic management of different ectopic pregnancies. 1.10.05 47. Guest lecture in International conference on High Risk pregnancy & labour on the topic VBAC limiting Factors. 23.10.2005 48. Lecture on , Clinical presentation in Endometriosis, Symposium organized by KCC, IVF Vadodara. 18.12.05 49. Newer instrumentation in Laparoscopy AICOG 2006 Kochi, 9.1.2006 50. Current concepts in Gynaecological Endoscopy ICOG CME , BOGS, Vadodara 28.1.2006 51. Laproscopic removal of foreign body, Progress & Challenges in Gynaecological endoscopy & infertility, Mayflower Ahmedabad. 3.2.2006 52. Scope of Gynaecological endoscopic surgeries Bharuch IMA july 2006 53. PCOD the big burden, FOGSI express at Ratlam O & G society July 2006 54. Minimal Access Surgery in Women, Baroda Management Association, 18.8.2006 55. Central dissection of bladder in TLH in case of previous cesarean, Hysterectomy made easy, Akola 27.8.2006 56. Panel discussion on Endometriosis , in FOGSI ICCRM 15.9.2006 57. Lparoscopic Vaginoplasty vichetti procedure, International conference on practical infertility management FOGSI Nov 2006 58. Basic & Advances in gynaecological lparoscopy, SOGOG 2006, Bharuch 1.12.2006 59. Laparoscopic Management of Chocolate cyst, One day endometriosis, AOGS, Ahmadabad17.12.2006 60. Laparoscopic removal of foreign body ( abdominal mop ) AICOG Kolkata 9th Jan 2007. 61. Laparoscopic management of distal tubal pathology IAGE 2007 Ahmedabad June 2007 62. Panel discussion on Endometriosis in Adolescents, IAGE 2007 Ahmedabad June 2007 63. Laparoscopic Management of Endometriosis, & Letroz as ovulation inducing drug in clinical practice Ankleshwar Ob / Gyn society July 2007 64. Laparoscopic management of ovarian endometriosis, Nadiad Ob / Gyn society July 2007 65. Laparoscopic removal of anterior cervical fibroid & Laparoscopic central bladder dissection technique, International symposium on hysterectomy Kiel, Germany June 2007 66. Participated on Laparoscopic surgery workshop at Nagpur organized by FOGSI endoscopic committee Aug 2007. 67. Guest Lecture on the topic of “Laparoscopic vaginoplasty vecchetti procedure”. At AICOG 2008 Delhi 1-5 Feb 2008 68. Guest Lecture on the topic of “Laparoscopic management of adnexal mass” Endoscopic committee FOGSI workshop at Jalandhar O & G society 17th Feb 2008 69. Guest lecture on the topic of “Laparoscopic management of T-O abscess” IAGE, Guwahati April 11,12,13 2008 70. Guest lecture on the topic of “Hysteroscopic septal resection”. Workshop organized by Mehsana O & G society March 2008 71. As a panelist in panel discussion on the topic of Hypertension in pregnancy. Surat OB/ GYN society 19th June 2008 72. Guest lecture on the topic of “ Evidence base practice on prescribing TORCH test in pregnancy” 28th May 2008. Panel discussion on Evidence base management of various Ob/ Gyn conditions.SOGOG CME at Ahmedabad O & G society. 73. Guest lecture on the tiopic of “Laparoscopic management of adnexal mass” IMA Godhra, 9th Aug 2008 74. Guest lecture on the topic of “PCOS & Insulin resistance” Baroda O & G society April 2008 75. Participated as a panelist in Panel discussion on the Topic of Endometriosis in Millennium Update 2008 at Surat 19.10 2008 76. Organized regular training program in Nov 2008 14-20 77. Participated as a panelist in Panel discussion on the Topic of avoiding complications in laparoscopic surgery in 3rd world congress on Practical infertility management & Human reproduction, 21-23 Nov 2008 at Mumbai 78. As a faculty in workshop on Endoscopic surgery at SOGOG workshop at Ahmedabad at Gujarat state conference on Evidence Based Medicine on Dec 2008 79. As a faculty in workshop at Jaipur AICOG 2009 on 4.1.09 80. Guest lecture on the topic of “Hysteroscopic removal of sub mucous fibroid “ at AICOG 2009 at Jaipur on 6.1.09 81. Guest lecture on the topic of “Management of post menopausal bleeding, flow chart” at Indian Menopause society, National conference at Surat 10.2.09 82. Laparoscopic Modified vecchetti vaginoplasty, at International conference of gynaecological endoscopy , at Thailand 26th march 2009 83. Laparoscopic management of T-O abscess, at International conference of gynaecological endoscopy , at Thailand 26th march 2009 84. Guest lecture at IAGE 2009 at Hyderabad 12-14 June 2009 , Laparoscopic primary entry techniques 85. Guest lecture in World Congress on Recent advances in OB / GYN Ob/ Gyn Mumbai 11-13 Sept 2009, Screening of Ca Endometrium 86. Guest lecture SOGOG at Godhra O & G society, 22.11.09, Laparoscopic management of fibroid uterus. 87. SOGOG Annual conference Anand , Demonstration of TLH in workshop 8.1.09 88. Guest lecture on Hysteroscopic surgeries in mullerian dysgenesis SOGOG Anand conference 9.1.09 89. Myomectomy in more than 20 wks fibroid, Guest lecture Endovision 2010 14.2.2010, AOGS & FOGSI endoscopic committee program, Ahmedabad 90. “Hysteroscopic resection of submucous fibroids & Hysteroscopic surgeries for mullerian dysgenesis”, IAGE 2010 Delhi April 2010 91. Central dissection of bladder, a bladder dissection technique in cases of TLH with previous cesarean section. Free communication at ISGE Sydney May 2010 92. Guest lectures, “Sacrospinous fixation for vadinal vault prolapse”, “TVT verses TOT in female SUI”, In SUI update organized by Study circle Urological surgeon association of Vadodara 29.8.2010 2010 93. Guest lecture , Laparoscopic management of adnexal masses, at Annual Day Godhra Ob/ Gyn Society, 10th June 2010 94. Guest lecture Hysteroscopic surgeries in mullerian dysgenesis & submucous fibroid, 27th Oct 2010, Godhra O & G Society. 95. Panelist , Panel discussion on Endometriosis, GET 2011, Presented scientific paper on the topic of New surgical technique.26-27 March 2011, Hyderabad ISGE regional meeting 96. Guest lecture on Tricks & Tips for TLH, Organized by Ethicon Division J & J, Knowledge at Chandidarh on 4.12.2010 97. Guest Lecture SOGOG 34th Annual conference, Bhavnagar Dec 19 2011”Fertility enhancing surgeries” 98. Guest lecture AICOG 2011 Hyderabad “Laparoscopic surgeries in adolescent ovarian cysts” 8.1.11 99. Hysteroscopic surgeries in sub mucous fibroids & mullerian dysgenesis, FOGSI FIGO International conference 8.4.11 FOGSI-FIGO 100. Fertility preserving laparoscopic surgeries in endometriosis, Conceive 2011 Baroda O & G society 20.4.11 101. Introduction & Technoque of TLH, Vessel Sealing devices, TLH in multiple fibroids , at Muzaffarnagar Knowledge enclave Organized by Ethicon J & J, 24.4.2011. 102. Guest lecture IAGE Pune June 2011 103. Guest lecture IAGE Aurangabad May 2011 104. Guest lecture on the topic of Laparoscopic excision of rudimentary horn, Cochin 25-27 sept 2011. Faculty live surgical demonstration 105. Guest lecture Tubal cannulation dilemmas & recommendations, SOGOG 4 Dec 2011 , Mehsana SOGOG 106. Guest lecture Rajkot O & society on Laparoscopic management of endometriosis & conducted panel discussion Jan 2012 107. BOGS FOGSI Infertility committee Basic Infertility management Workshop Guest lecture on Hysteroscopy in infertility 25.4.12 108. Total laparoscopic hysterectomy simplified, Live surgical demonstration & panel discussion lakecity Hospital Bhopal 6.5.12. 109. Operating faculty workshop on laparoscopic surgeries SOGOG at Daman 2012 Dec 14 110. Guest lecture on the topic of Safety in Hysteroscopic surgeries SOGOG Daman Dec 15 2012 111. Faculty Hyateroscopic workshop AICOG 3013, Lecture on Hysteroscopic management of PTB Jan 16 2013 112. Moderated Panel discussion on Fertility enhancing laparoscopic & hysteroscopic surgeries AICOG 2013 Jan 18 2013 113. Conducted hysteroscopic surgery workshop & Lecture on hysteroscopic surgeries organized by Godhra O & G Society March 23 2013 114. Guest lecture on “Bladder dissection techniques in TLH in cases of previous cesarean section” IAGE national conference Banglore May 2013 115. Guest lecture “Laparoscopic surgeries for endometriosis” BOGS July 2013. With Endometriosis Committee of FOGSI 116. Guest lecture “Fertility enhancing laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic surgeries”. Kota O & G Society 18.8.13. 117. Guest lecture on the topic of “Fertility enhancing surgeries”, AMASICON Indore 23.8.13, Faculty for workshop at AMASICON Indore 24.8.13 118. Guest lecture at IMA Dahod on the topic of fertility enhancing endoscopic surgeries 6.9.13 119. Panelist Mid term SOGOG at Lunavada, 7.9.13 120. Guest Lecture ISGE IAGE Mumbai 3-6th Oct Bladder dissection techniques in TLH 121. Guest lecturer In International conference on Endometriosis, By Endometriosis committee of FOGSI & EEL Banglore 26th Oct 2013 on topic of “Laparoscopic diagnosis of endometriosis” 122. Guest lecture “Prevention of Ureteric injuries during laparoscopic surgeries for endometriosis” 16.11.13 UROGYNAEC 2013, Ahmedabad 123. Faculty Live Laparoscopic surgery workshop , Isha Hospital, SOGOG 2013, 6.12.13 124. Guest lecture on “Laparoscopic management of Post Hysterectomy adnexal mass” SOGOG 2013, Vadodara 7.12.13 125. Guest lecturer in workshop at ISAR 2014, Ahmedabad, on the topic of “Hysteroscopy for uterine pathology” 126. Guest lecture on topic of “Redefining stages of labour in 21st century should we?” ISOPARB Pune 2014 15th March. 127. Chair Person RCOG Hyderabad 2014 128. Guest lecture “Abnormal report by Bethesda classification of pap smear, what next” Workshop on colposcopy organized by Isha Hospital & Borze on 6th April 2014, Vadodara 129. ISGE Kochi Nov 2014 Debate Routine bowel preparation in gynaecological laparoscopy, spoke against preparation. 130. Guest lecture ISHAR Gujarat chapter, Ahmedabad 18th Feb, “fertility enhancing surgeries” 131. AICOG Chennai 24th Jan 2014 Debate on Use of mesh in prolapse spoke for use of mesh, debated for use of mesh. 132. Guest lecture Bharuch O & G society 1st Feb 2014, “Surgical management of fibroids”. 133. Guest lecture video presentation ISGE Dubai “Laparoscopic management of secondary abdominal pregnancy”23-26 April 2014 134. Guest lecture “Tips to prevent vault prolapse during TLH” SURGE Pune 28 Feb 2015 135. Guest lecture Bhavnagar O & G society April 2015 “Fibroids medical & surgical management” 136. Guest lecture AGE Mumbai IAGE 15-17th may 2015 Mumbai “Steps for prevention of vaginal vault prolapse during TLH” 137. ISGE Kenya Aug 2015, Guest lecture & Participated in hysteroscopy / laparoscopy workshop. Guest lectures on “Laparoscopic techniques to prevent vault prolapse after TLH and Hysteroscopic surgeries in sub mucous fibroids.” Chaired sessions. 138. MP Endogyn 2015 26,27 Sept 2015 guest lecture “ Hysteroscopic surgeries in abnormal uterine bleeding” 139. Guest lecture ISOPARB CME Jaipur 7 & 8th Nov 2015 “Hysteroscopy surgeries in abnormal uterine bleeding” 140. Guest lecture RAGE Bangalore Feb 21 2016 “Laparoscopic ureterolysis in gynaecology” 141. Guest lecture ISOPARB Patna 26-28 Feb 2016 Patna. “Role of hysteroscopy in abnormal & heavy uterine bleeding” 142. Guest Lecture BOGS April 2016 “ Hysteroscopic myomectomy” 143. Guest lecture West zone IMS conference “Vadodara Hysteroscopy in AUB in peri menopausal age” 27th Aug 2016 at Vadodara 144. Guest lecture at IAGE conference at Cochin Laparoscopic hemi hysterectomy. 29th Aug 2016 145. Guest lecture in UROGYNAEC 2016, Amhedabad “Laparoscopic Ureterolysis” Dec 2016 146. Gueat lecture on the topic of Life Con 2016 ISOPARB meet Patnitop, 17th Dec 2016

Training program at VIMAS and Isha Hospital— Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic surgery training courses conducted every 4 month through the year. Trained > 100 Gynaecologists (2011)

Conferences, Workshops Organized regularly on Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic sugery techniques & various specific pathologies at VIMAS for members of FOGSI 1. Live Hysteroscopic workshop April 2006 , VIMAS organized event at Sterling Hospital Vadodara 2. Participated in live surgical demonstration AICOG Ahmedabad 3. Live surgical workshop IAGE Ahmedabad 4. Conducted many other live workshops records not available 5. Participated in live surgical workshop organized by BOGS 6. Participated live surgical workshop Muzzafarnagar 2011 7. West Zone conference on surgical & non surgical treatment of fibroids & Adenomyomas Jan 7&8th 2012, Live surgery relay from VIMAS. 8. Godhrs O & G society live hysteroscopy workshop 2012 9. Participated live surgical workshop Indore 2013 AMASICON 10. Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic surgery workshop on 6.12.13 at Isha Hospital, organized as part of SOGOG 2013 event. 11. Multiple laparoscopic surgery workshops Dahod & Dhar 2013-14-15-16 12. Conducted Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic surgery workshop at Muzzafarnagar 16.4.15 13. Mid term BOGS ISOPARB CME Sept 2016 as Organizing Chairperson Laparoscopic Surgical camps in & outside Gujarat-Many


FOGSI (Federation of obsttrics & gynaecological of societies of India) affiliation— 1. Secretary of Baroda OB/GYN society ( 96-97 ) 2. President of Baroda OB/GYN society ( 98-99 ) 3. Representative to FOGSI ( 2000,01, 02, 03,04,05,06,07,08, 09,10, 11, 12) 4. Worked as Member of Medical disorders in pregnancy committee, member of Adolescent committee, member of Endoscopic committee of FOGSI

Special Interest— Ultrasonography, Endocrinology & infertility, High risk pregnancy management 

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